Q. What is our business model?

A. We are a mobile contractual practice in the Puget Sound Area. (We travel to over 12 hospitals in the area meeting Owner’s and pets. We do have regular appointments at Renton Veterinary Hospital on Tuesdays and you can call them directly to schedule at 425-255-8676.)

Q. Who will oversee my pet’s anesthetic care?

A. A licensed veterinary technician (LVT). We do not have unlicensed staff members monitor your pet.

Q. Who will take care of the postoperative care?

A. We leave routine post-op care to the facility where your pets’ procedure was performed OR your regular Veterinarian. If you are concerned about your pets’ recovery, we will be more than happy to recheck your pet. If you would like recheck examinations with Dr Mayo, please schedule your appointments through Renton Veterinary Hospital.

Q. What is our examination fee?

A. Our exam fee is $175 and includes the travel time to the hospital. (If scheduling permits, we can sometimes perform the procedure within a week or two. Same day surgery and consultation are possible if all records are available prior to the consultation.)

Q. Do we accept insurance?

A. Yes, please check with your insurance company on if they offer direct pay or if you must be reimbursed. (The hospital where the procedure is performed must accept the insurance. )

Q. Do we offer payment plans?

A. No. We offer Care Credit or Scratch Pay along with credit cards or cash.